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WelWelcome to the Wei Research Group! 

We are a team of passionate researchers with interdisciplinary backgrounds of optical microscopy, physical chemistry and chemical biology! We develop next-generation optical imaging techniques based on nonlinear vibrational spectroscopy to visualize dynamical biological processes with better spatial, temporal and molecular precision.

Latest News

Congratulations to Phil for being selected as a Hertz Fellow

Congratulations to Adrian for receiving a NSF graduate research fellowship!


We are pleased to welcome first-years Ziguang, Noor, and Phil to the group!

Congratulations to Lu for being named a 2022 Vallee Scholar! Many Thanks to the Vallee Foundation for the support!

Xiaotian joins the Biotechnology Leadership Program! Congrats to Xiaotian!

Jiajun and Haomin's recent perspective in ACS Chemical Biology is featured as the ​Supplementary Cover!

Check out our new perspective published in ACS Chemical Biology! We discuss recent development of SRS imaging with the coupling of emerging molecular tags for applications in metabolic analysis, microbiology investigations and super-multiplex imaging. We also share some of our thoughts for further improvements of molecular probes and potential opportunities of the platform in chemical biology. Congrats to Jiajun and co-authors!

We published a JOVE manuscript, sharing the detailed protocol about our VISTA work! Congrats to Kun and the co-authors!

Lu is awarded the 2022 Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy Award! Many thanks to the Spectroscopy Magazine for this honor! Lu will deliver a plenary talk this Oct. during the SciX conference!

#maythefourth be with us! Check out our new work published today in JACS! We exploited the idea of varied kinetics of hydrogen-deuterium exchange on terminal alkynes for local chemical and cellular environmental sensing by Raman spectral-imaging! Congratulations to Xiaotian and Kun for this nice work!

We are very excited to learn that our former summer undergraduate student, Emily Dunn, has been awarded the NSF GRFP! Emily will continue her graduate study here at Caltech. We wish her all the best for the next journey!

We are pleased to welcome first-years Yulu, RJ, and Adrian to the group!

Congratulations to Lu for being named a 2022 Sloan Research Fellow! The full credits belong to the whole group! Many thanks to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for this huge honor!

Check out our new work published in JACS! We developed multicolor photoactivatable Raman probes by cyclopropenone caging. This work is selected as the supplementary cover in JACS! Congratulations to Jiajun for this exciting achievement! 

If you are interested in learning both the fundamentals and the recent exciting research of stimulated Raman scattering microscopy, check out this newly published book! We contributed a chapter -- chapter: 20 Stimulated Raman Scattering with small vibrational probes. Thanks Haomin, Jiajun and Kwan for the work!

Congratulations to Li-En for being awarded the Caltech J. Yang Family Fellowship! 

Lu is appointed as the Heritage Medical Research Institute (HMRI) Investigator at Caltech!

We survived our first kayaking trip to the LA river!

Lu is selected as a Scialog fellow for Advancing BioImaging and is awarded a collaboration award!

Congratulations to Xiaotian for passing candidacy!

Li-En's Analyst paper has been selected as the cover story!

Check out C&EN highlighting our VISTA work!

We welcome Emily Dunn and Amy Vo to the group as summer research undergrads! Emily is an Amgen fellow and Amy is a named SURF fellow, John Stauffer SURF Fellow.

Congratulations to Li-En for passing candidacy! Woo-hoo! 

Congratulations to Chenxi, Kun, Li-En, and other co-authors for their accepted manuscript in Nature Communications! A new strategy for performing label-free imaging to within 100 nm resolution!

Congratulations to Li-En, Kun, and Chenxi for their accepted manuscript in Analyst (link)!​ 

Wei lab receives the Shurl and Kay Curci Foundation grant! Thanks for the support! 

Our recently accepted JCP paper was selected as a "Featured article". Congrats to Kwan, Chenxi, Haomin, and other co-authors! 

One postdoc position available in the Wei group! Check here

Lu receives the NIH Director's New Innovator Award. Congratulations Lu!

We are pleased to welcome Haomin to the lab!

Check out Caltech News highlighting Jiajun's recent work!

Congratulations to Kwan, Jiajun, and other co-authors for their accepted manuscript in Analytical Chemistry!​

Congratulations to Jiajun, Yapeng, and other co-authors for their accepted manuscript in Nature Communications!​

Congratulations to Kun for his accepted manuscript in ACS Central Science!

We are pleased to welcome first-year Chemistry graduate students Li-En and Xiaotian to the lab!
Lu is awarded the Amgen’s Early Innovator Award! Thank you Amgen for supporting us!

Congratulations to Dongkwan Lee for passing his candidacy exam! Our third Ph.D. candidate from the group!

We are pleased to welcome undergraduate CS major Rona to the lab!

We are pleased to welcome visiting undergraduate student Jia to the lab!

Congratulations to Jiajun Du for passing his candidacy exam! Officially a Ph.D. candidate!

Congratulations to Kun Miao for passing his candidacy exam! Officially a Ph.D. candidate!

Congratulations to Dr. Chenxi Qian for being awarded the prestigious NSERC Postdoc Scholarships!

Lu has been selected by the Research Corporation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as a 2018 Scialog Fellow on Chemical Machinery of the Cell. Three days of very exciting discussion in Tucson!

Lu is awarded the Blavatnik regional awards for young scientists! 
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